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GIRA in Azerbaijan

About company

The roots of the German family-run company Gira extend back to 1903. Richard Giersiepen constructed a further development of the then-common toggle switch and applied for a patent. Two years later he founded a company tohether with his brother Gustav tointroduce his invention and other parts for houseinstallationto the market. With it in 1905, the Giersiepen brothers laid the cornerstone of company. Soon the family-run company which fits in two small hangars was able to offer a diverse range of electric and technical products. Later, it was time to position itself as finally formed company. In 1964, the direction decided to give the company more expressive and sonorous name, so the name of Gira was arisen. It is a combination of the first syllable of the brothers' names Giersiepen and the first syllable of the name of the German town Radevormwald, where today the company plant is sited. Celebrated its centenary in 2005, today Gira is a symbol of impeccable quality in the international market.

GIRA has always offered certes innovative ideas. In the mid-50s the company firstly started to manufacturing modular switches system and rosettes in Europe. In 60s another revolutionary step was the production of key switches. In the 70s and 80s the cooperation with renowed experts in the field of industrial design brought prestigious awards from international competitions. The 90s were years of technological breakthroughs. The company has developed the concept of System 55, which integrates the various functional units within the frameworks of five GIRA series and arranged the production of equipment for "intelligent" homes and apartments.

Company's representations are opened in more than thirty contries. It can be proudly said that now Azerbaijan has recruited the ranks of this list. Since summer 2013 the company LLC "Smartech" became an official representative of Gira Company. It is a big breakthrough for azerbaijanian market in the sphere of electrical goods. Rich functionality, interchangeability of series elements, easiness of installation and operation, ergonomics, unity of style and the ability of installation beyond the premises are all incontestable merits of products Gira. "Smartech" also develops actively its dealer network on the territory of Azerbaijan, offering favorable conditions for cooperation partners, conducting counseling in Hot Line regime as well as training seminars in Germany.

"Smartech" company is ready to cooperate and glad to see you in the showroom.