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Push button sensor 3 Plus, 2-gang System 55/E22


  • White-backlit graphic display shows temperature, as well as texts and fault messages
  • The buttons have three-colour status LED in green, red and blue.
  • Two status LEDs per operating surface
  • Inscription space illumination
  • Integrated room temperature controller shows temperature
  • Installation to bus coupler 3 and external sensor
  • Configuration and start-up from ETS3.0d, patch A
  • Safeguarded from disassembly because it is screw-fastened.
  • Neutral inscription labels included

Push button sensor characteristics:

  • Setting of each key or control button is possible.
  • Key function: switching, light adjustment, blinds control, setting of value (1 byte), setting of value (2 bytes), additional scene device, 2-channel control and manual control by the ventilator.
  • Button function: switching, light adjustment, blinds control, setting of value (1 byte), setting of value (2 bytes),2-channel control, additional scene regulator, timer control heating and manual control by the ventilator.
  • Additional regulator or regulator control device: switching of an operating mode, (the set choice of an operating mode or change of various operating modes in case of the additional regulator device), change of presence status, offset setpoint.
  • Object for blocking of particular buttons or keys.
  • Fault messages showing by flashing all LEDs.
  • Colour of the LED indicator (red, green, blue) is configured for all cases or for each case. It is possible to activate ignoring function of available settings via the bus, which allows changing colour and the displayed parameter of each LED indicator.
  • Opportunity ON, OFF labeling field illuminations, automatic switch off via object.
  • Communication objects for brightness contror of LED, labeling field illumination and display backlight.

Properties of thermostat:

  • Operating modes: comfort, waiting, night and protection of freezing/heat with own preset temperature (for radiators and/or cooling)
  • Comfort extension via the presence button
  • Switching of freezing/heat protection via windows condition or automatic freezing protection.
  • Display of thermostat information.
  • Optionally one or two loop
  • Control types: continuous PI control, switching PI control (PWM) and switching 2-point control (on/off) The possibility of PID parameters regulator and the 2-dot regulator
  • Internal temperature sensor and up to two temperature sensors (1 for object, 1 for connection) are possible.
  • The optional connected remote sensor 1493 00, for example, as sensor in screed floor heating system.
  • The heating timer with 28 switching times

Data for LC display:

  • The graphic display with switched LED backlight
  • 1-zonal or 2-zonal representationThe display texts can be created in the following languages: German, English, Netherlands, Norwegian, Russian and Polish. Other languages are available on the Internet. German, English, Netherland

The touch switch is delivered with neutral keys of commissioning. The corresponding keys to switches series are ordered separately.