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KNX / EIB Gira FacilityServer

Gateway for the system Instabus KNX / EIB specially created for the high demands for industrially buildings.

Technical characteristics

degree of protection

IP 20

temperature range

from 0 ° C to +45 ° C

power consumption

about 15 watts


(W x H x D) 483 x 88 x 270 mm

Gateway for the system Instabus KNX / EIB specially designed for the high demands for industrially buildings. Using Gira FacilityServer you can link individual devices and all equipments located in the building KNX / EIB into one network and make its control, management and programming via computer.

When you connect Gira FacilityServer to the Internet granted access to control buildings and equipment from the outside. Gira FacilityServer also acts as a server for data management systems structures of higher rank, providing them to analyze the stored data flow and operating parameters.

Gira FacilityServer provides the full range of services Gira HomeServer, and equipped with significantly more memory for use in the industrial sector. Latter circumstance allows retainsignificantly larger amounts of data in his memory, and to provide a more sophisticated and therefore requires more resources visualization of the system. Several Gira FacilityServer may also be combined into a single network, thus integrates hardware, physically spaced on individual buildings and subsystems: You can combine local and higher application. Management is carried out using the most modern means of communication. Along with the computer, it can be devices that support standard Internet protocols which can be connected to a LAN, a WLAN or to the Internet. This provides control over all functions of tire KNX / EIB. As a consistent and easy-to-control FacilityServer devices can be called Gira SmartSensor, Control 9 Client, Control 19 Client and Gira Interface applications for iPhone ®, iPod ® touch and iPad ™. Appropriate application is available in the Apple ® Store. Based on Android is available from December 2012 (in the Google Play Store).

Thanks to software architecture FacilityServer is protected from hacker attacks from the Internet. Among other things, the high degree of protection also provided by the access control system, which requests phone number, user name, and his personal PIN-code when connecting. The system architecture also allows you to individually adjust the different levels of access for different users.

New functions which had not existed earlier:

  • Possibility of software update of the functionality.
  • Mounting in a 19 "rack. For this package includes special insert sizes of 19" with aluminum cap. The device can also be installed as a separate device.
  • Access of 200 users. A single user can register several logins at once
  • Archiving of projects with its own content, such as general plans, etc.
  • Cyclic data storage, or upon the occurrence of any event (for example, temperature values, meter readings of operating hours, degree of implementation any reservoir and etc.) Graphic display.
  • Graphical interface: Visualization of the status of individual devices and systems throughout the building using characters and text freely positioned on the screen of the display. Creating menu with its visualization for each group of users of its structure
  • Receiving and processing the signal from IP-cameras for example, Mobotix: Saving of the images and using them for visualization. It’s possible to transfer such graphic images via email and FTP. In this case, you must take into account the peculiarities of a country, especially protocols and standards for transmission of information (for example, SDN, SMS, etc.}
  • Export of saved data and alarms in format Excel ™, CSV, HTML, XML.
  • Mathematical functions (for example, basic - addition, multiplication, and etc.)
  • Storage and light scene execution
  • Timers, the program for the week, calendar with weekends and holidays.
  • Error messages, the protocols of the measured values, status of sensors and actuators can be transmitted via SMS and email. Acknowledgement via EIB or phone.
  • Management by phone.
  • Function of presence simulation with self-learning.
  • Programming in distance through a computer network, the Internet, wireless networks.
  • Transferring ASCII text on the information display 2.
  • IP-connection with devices from other manufacturers, transmission and processing of IP-telegrams
  • Almost no wear.
  • Graphic editor with logic elements: Allows the use of the design library devices required for specific project elements and freely siting them on a worksheet. Prepared more than 150 logic modules.
  • Import and Export of global libraries.
  • Communication objects: Transfer of ETS using the file format OPC or MSXML (Add-in-ETS). Communication objects of import and export as a file format CSV.
  • Universal timer: You can configure the timer for a few switching points. Fixing the event by a certain day, month, and year. Activation, deactivation of functions by means of the communication objects. Using of astro and random number generator.
  • Data protection / data recovery if it fails.
  • 14-bit EIB-texts: Analysis by comparison with the text string. Is used to send SMS, e-mail, the status page.
  • Reception of IP- telegrams: Setting of the address space, extracting 14-byte EIB-texts, comparing 14-byte EIB-texts.
  • SNMP: Reading of numeric and 14-byte EIB-texts. Installation of numeric, integer values and texts. Transmission of SNMP-Trap via Team FacilityServer. Optional ColdStart-Trap when starting FacilityServer.
  • Control / display of status using the telephone Agfeo.
  • Access to the tire using a protocol EIBnet / IP.
  • Processing data exchange with the IP-devices (read / record).
  • iETS-server: Remote Programming the devices EIB (while providing increased security measures). Issuance of the license to operate functions of iETS using the communication object. Programming by using iETS does not alter the current mode of operation FacilityServer. Programmed control processes management occurs without changes. Displaying of the values is supported in the current mode.
  • For more information:
  • Technical characteristics of the device can be varied or changed depending on its version.
  • Package Includes:
  • Gira FacilityServer with thermostatic fan in box sizes of 19 "(48.26 cm) with aluminum cap
  • Network cable
  • A null modem cable
  • Quick Guide on commissioning
  • System requirements to provide functionality of control devices:
  • Internet browsers of connecting control devices must support at least HTML 4.0, Java Script 1.1, CSS and Dynamic HTML.
  • Connection capacity:
  • 1 serial interface.
  • 1 jack for connection to a network RJ-45 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • To the system KNX / EIB via the IP-router 2167 00, flush-mounted data interface USB 1070 00, data interface as REG USB 1080 00 (compatible with USB HID is available with software version 2.4 or higher for the expert)

Connection to ISDN via the USB-ISDN 2093 00 adapter.

The software for commissioning:

  • The software for the expert of FacilityServer for operating systems from WindowsXP™ including Internet Explorer version 6.0.
  • Reception of multicast addresses ETS from ETS 2, ETS 3 and ETS 4.
  • Integration of graphic software.