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RDS flush-mounted radio


Code number

White glossy

0495 72

VHF radio receiver with RDS flush-mounted radio indicator

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

AC 230 V

temperature range

-5° to + 50 °C


Mains connection 2.5 mm² Loudspeaker/AUX connection 1.5 mm²

Degree of protection

IP 20

Adjustment range of radio frequencies

87.50 to 107.90 MHz

RDS flush-mounted radio consists of a radio receiver insert with control nozzle and slip loudspeaker insert. The insert of a radio receiver is compactly set in an insert of flush-mounting and, thus, can be established in a separate flush mounted box. The loudspeakers can be installed directly next to the radio operating element or can be taken out in a box of concealed installation. It is possible to connect 2-wire cable to one insert of a radio receiver. The radio automatically detects connected loudspeakers and switches automatically between stereo and mono mode.  

The display of nozzle control displays the radio station name, frequency of radio station and time in case of existence of the corresponding signal of RDS .Radio receiver control is exercised via capacitor buttons of nozzle control.It only requires light touch to symbols.

RDS flush-mounted radio has two memory cells where it is possible to save one radio station, and then to call these radio stations by pressing the button.

Using additional input devices you can switch a radio receiver, for example, via light switch or a motion sensor with the room lighting.

Through stereo radio receiver AUX, it is possible to connect an external source, for instance MP3 player. Connection of external sound audiosource requires an insert cinch audio which is connected to AUX contacts of a radio receiver insert.

The docking station insert for music playback is connected directly to AUX stereoexit.

The radio switches off automatically 30 minutes after the sleep mode is activated

Instruction: Installation in combination with other electronic components can negatively affect the reception quality.