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Power supply video intercom


Code number


1288 00

Technical characteristics

degree of protection

IP 20

supply voltage

230 V AC, 50 Hz

temperature range

from -5 ° C up to +45 ° C.


REG-type 8 TE

output voltage

26 V ± 2 V. voltage (SELV)

Rated output current

700 mA (constant load) 1.15 A (max. load, no more than 5

Screw terminals

from 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm ²

Exit to the door opener

12V ~ 1.1A / relative duty cycle of 25%

relay output

250 VAC, 2 A

The total length of the wires

see power supply audiodoor 1287 00

Power supply to power audio and video door entry tires Gira.

Video intercom power supply has the following characteristics:

  • Food excluding wrong polarity and protected short circuit
  • 2-wire tires using the Web components, such as a color camera, a color TFT-display.
  • From the power source of video intercom can be powered 2 door station with color camera and 28 home stations with a color TFT-LCD TFT.
  • In total supply video intercom can activate up to 15 color cameras (5 door video stations and 10 camera gateways TKS) two of which -door stations with color camera feed from the power supply video intercom. Other color cameras should work with their own additional sources of supplies.
  • Electronic recognition of short circuit and overload operating voltage and the tire connector with self-resetting.
  • Buttons for system programming and door opener.
  • LED status indicators for work overload, system software programming and door opener.
  • Output 12 V AC (1 - 10) for conventional power door opener (max. current consumption 1,1 A / ED 25%)
  • Output relay for door opener with its own power supply.
  • Possibility of smooth adjustment of the time shift door opener from 1s to 10s.

Source of video control device is provided for mounting the secondary distributor. If it is not possible, you must use a regular surface-mounted distributor. If the topology of the video cable runs as a dead-end line it means the video distributor 1226 00 is additionally required. It’s requires an additional power supply 1296 00 in combination with the gateway TKS-TK 1290 00. With the help of the power supply you can create video intercom interphone systems with a maximum of 70 audio sites (for example, 1 built-in loudspeaker, 5 extension modules for built-in loudspeaker, and 68 surface-mounted home stations).