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Video intercom power supply


Code number

REG-1287 type

1287 00

Technical characteristics

degree of protection

IP 20

supply voltage

230 V ~, 50 Hz

temperature range

from -5°С up to +45°С


REG-type, 6 TE

output voltage

26 V ±2 V direct-current (SELV)

Rated output current

160 mА (constant load) 550 mА (maximum load, no more than 5 s) . Switching off when restarting – no more than 350 mА

Screw terminals

from 0,6 mm up to 2,5 mm²

Exit to the door opener

12 V, 1, 6 А/duty factor 25 %- on, 25 %- off.

relay output

30 V direct-chang.current.2 А

The total length of the wires

up to 700 meters

Bus length from the power source to the farthest station

is up to 300 m under cable section ø 0, 8 mm, up to 170 m under cable section ø 0, 6 mm

Power supply for audio components, connected to Gira intercom bus system.

Features of power supply for audio components:

  • Supply of dual-wire bus with protection from reversal and short- circuit.
  • Protection from short-circuit and restarting on bus with self-resetting in operative condition.
  • Buttons for system and door lock programming.
  • Light-emitting diode "operation", "restart", "system programming" and "door lock programming".
  • Output 12 V direct-current (1-10 s) for ordinary electronic locks supplyäëÿ (max. used current 1, 6 A under duty factor 25 %- switching on).
  • Output 12 V direct-current constant supply of TKS-TK 1290 00 sluice .
  • Relay output for control door lock, powered from a separate power supply.
  • Door opening signal sending time is smoothly regulated in range from 1 up to 10 s.

Power supply of audio components of intercom system is intended for mounting in marshaling cabinets /switchboards. If it is impossible, you should use the standard marshaling box of surface mounting.

On the base of this device you may create intercom system with 70 subscribers (for example, 1 built-in loudspeaker, 5 expanders for built-in loudspeaker , 68 apartment stations of surface mounting).