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Gira DCS-camera-gateway


Code number

1201 00

Technical characteristics

temperature range

from -25 °С up to+70°С


2 screw terminals for 2-wire bus OUT 2 screw terminals for 2-wire bus IN 2 screw terminals for Video in 2 screw terminals as backing terminals 3 screw terminals for relay (2-way switches)


W x H x D 36 x 52 x 27 mm


FBAS 1 Vss, PAL standard

The Gira DCS-camera-gateway can be operated with or without an assigned door station. If the external camera is assigned to a door station, the door call automatically activates the camera.

Thanks to the combined case of DCS gateway, three types of its installation are possible:

  • Surface-mounted (in a usual junction box);
  • Flush-mounted (in the wiring box of flush-mount);
  • As the REG device (with supplied REG adapter).

The external camera is connected via screw clamp. For cameras with the BNC socket the adaptor wire is applied.

In case of several external each external camera requires a DCS gateway camera and own power supply.

It is allowed to use up to 10 DCS gateway cameras, and video signal has to pass max. through three DCS gateway camera.