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Presence Kompakt detector


Code number


1147 02

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

230 V ~, 50/60 Hz

Breaking capacity

750—1000 Wt

temperature range

from +5 up to +35 °С


ø х height 103 х 63 mm

Recommended mounting height

2,5 m

Degree of protection

IP 20

The presence Kompakt detector operates lighting depending on presence of people in a controlled zone and illumination level. The sensor is installed under a ceiling and controls the area under it. The presence detector includes lighting when external illumination becomes below adjustable threshold level of inclusion on illumination and movement in a zone of control is distinguished.  The detector switches off the lighting while movement in a controlled zone isn't registered during adjustable determined time of inclusion, or the level of external illumination becomes higher than threshold's.

Switching on/off of the presence detector is possible by means of the push-button switch (contact-maker). The zone of control can be expanded by parallel connection of several presence detectors. It is possible to limit a zone of controlled space by the blendy-cap which is included in the package.