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Digital code lock


Code number


2605 66


2605 67


2605 65

Technical characteristics

degree of protection

IP 20 (TX_44 = IP 44)

supply voltage

24 В ± 10% post. current (power supply 1296 00) or 26 + 2 In the post. DC bus voltage intercom system)

temperature range

от -20°С до +70°С

breakdown voltage

16 кВ

Applied capacitive technology that reduces the need for physical contact with the device, excluding depreciation keyboard.

keypad as access control system based on capacitive and therefore wear-free button field.

the keypad has the following characteristics:

  • Install 58 mm flush-mounted box.
  • Capacitive button field. To enter the code quite a bit to move in or touching the numbers. Due to the wear-free capacitive technology, no visible wear frequently used combinations of numbers.
  • as A standalone device or in combination with intercom system Gira door opener for authorised persons and a door call system for a building with few apartments.
  • offline available in box concealed potential-free relay contacts are used for switching, for example, for a door opener with their own power supply (for example, common bell transformer).
  • Special button "C": erase incorrect entry.
  • Special button "Key": after entering the correct code when you press the button, the direct door opening.
  • Special button "Bell": specific selection home stations in large facilities.
  • Special button "F": In conjunction with the actuators 1211 00, 1289 00 Gira door communication system, thus, possible switching function.
  • it is Possible to enter into operation by direct configuration on the device - the keypad is put into operation without a computer or programming software.
  • Homogeneous blue led illumination of the numbers and special characters at night.
  • a Variety of design options due to integration in the design platforms Gira TX_44, System 55. It is possible to integrate the F100 and Steel series 20, Series 21 the adapter frame.
  • master PIN number on the enclosed sealed security card in case of loss administrator PIN number.
  • In the digital code lock can be stored up to 255 codes.
  • it is Possible to use up to 32-digit codes.
  • Audible feedback when you click the button.
  • tri-color led status indicator for visual alarm in the process of programming and operation.
  • audible Warning signal in case of unauthorized removal pads keypad tamper detection. In conjunction with the Gira door communication system, you can also implement a scheme of unauthorized actions with the help of a switching actuator.
  • the two integrated switching the relay can be assigned to two different codes, for example, code 1: opening of the door, code 2: switching outdoor lighting.
  • using The DCS-IP-gateway devices can be connected Keyless In the Gira HomeServer. This can implement intelligent communications. Thus you can, for example, very simply issue a temporary or disposable access rights. All data including access rights, you can centrally and flexibly using Gira HomeServer. For these extensions features require Keyless In devices with index 03 and HomeServer expert from version 2.6

the Inputs and outputs

  • Switching contact: 2 relays with potential-free changeover contacts
  • load capacity 24 V / 1.6 A AC/DC
  • Block connectors system bus Gira door communication system
  • 2 connector auxiliary power source