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Biometric lock Fingerprint


Code number


2607 66


2607 67


2607 65

Technical characteristics

degree of protection

IP 20 (TX_44 = IP 44)

supply voltage

24 V ± 10% DC (power supply 1296 00) or 26 V ± 2 V DC (supplied from the door communication bus)

temperature range

20°С up to +70°С

The biometric coded lock as the professional biometric monitoring system of access on the basis of surface scanning technology of new generation.

Biometric lock Fingerprint has the following features:

  • Technology of the biometric coded lock of new generation: in the biometric Gira coded lock the bottom layer of skin is scanned with high frequency. Thanks to this latest method high extent of recognition and protection of unauthorized access is provided.
  • Due to the high frequency conductivity process, Gira Keyless In Fingerprint recognises whether a finger is 'alive'.
  • Setting in a 58-mm box of the concealed installation.
  • As the isolated device or in a combination with Gira entrance door intercom system, comfortable activation of a door opening for the authorized persons, and also door call system for the building with several apartments is provided.
  • Available in an isrert of concealed mounting potential-free relay contacts in an autonomous mode are used for switchings, for example, for a door opener with own power supply (for example, the ordinary transformer of calls).
  • Diversity of design thanks to integration into the design platforms of Gira TX_44, System 55. Integration into F100 and Steel of a Series 20, a Series 21 via adaptor frame is possible.
  • Commissioning by a direct configuration on the device is possible. The digital coded lock is put into operation without computer or the software for programming.
  • Recognition of a "live finger".
  • It is possible to hold up to 50 fingers in the biometric coded lock.
  • Recognition of fingers, for example, wounded while working in the garden area (if only the top layer of skin is injured).
  • The digitized data of a fingerprint can be distinguished and processed only by the biometric Gira coded lock. Thanks to a method of coding, fingerprint reconstruction is excluded. Thereby, unauthorized use and protected data are excluded.
  • Sensors of the biometric Gira coded lock have the special program logic allowing to check fingers and anew to keep necessary control parameters. When the finger grows and changes, the system learns and repeatedly resaves the data.
  • Direction: identifies children's fingerprints from six years old upwards.
  • Fingers at an angle are recognised up to a maximum of 15° from the zero axis.
  • Fastest response time of applying finger authorization:
  • up to 30 kept fingers apprx. 1 s
  • up to 50 kept fingers apprx. 3 s
  • Night design of the biometric coded lock surface for orientation when applying finger. Uniform illumination is carried out via white LEDs.
  • A three-colour LED display signals the respective status during programming and during operation.
  • The main PIN number on the enclosed sealed security card in case if there is no available finger administrator. Via enclosed card of safety it is possible to return factory settings of the device.
  • Sound signal of acknowledgement for the purpose of the acoustic alarm system for the user or the adjuster.
  • Warning sound signal at unauthorized removal of the keyboard overlay as recognition of unauthorized action. In combination with Gira entrance door intercom system it is also possible to realize the scheme of unauthorized action via the executive device relay.
  • Both integrated switching relays can be appointed by various fingers, for example, a thumb: activation of the door opening, forefinger: external lighting switching on/off.
  • Via TKS-IP gateway it is possible to connect Keyless In into Gira HomeServer device. As a result, it is possible to realize intellectual communications. Thus, it is possible to give out temporary or disposable access rights. All data, including access rights can be centrally and flexibly operated via Gira HomeServer.HomeServer. For these functions expansions Keyless In devices from an index 03 and HomeServer Experte from version 2.6 are required

Inputs and outputs

  • Switching contact: 2 relay with changeover contact, Electrical strength of relay contacts is 24 V AC/DC, current capacities is 1.6 A AC/DC.
  • Terminal block system bus of Gira door intercom system.
  • 2 sockets of power supply