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Door station of surface mounts with a video camera, an intercom and 1-gang call button


Code number


1269 66


1269 67


1269 65

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

26 V ± 2 V DC (bus voltage)

temperature range

from -20 °С up to +50°С


2 screw terminals 2-wire bus 2 screw terminals for additional power supply


W x H x D 110 x 253 x 19 mm (without camera) W x H x D 110 x 253 x 40 mm (with camera)

degree of protection

IP 44

photocell camcorder

CCD sensor 0, 85 sm (1/3")

The paper size for labeling

W x H 62 x 62 mm

Wide-angle lens

150° aperture angle

Summary camera angle (when you turn 20)


Number of Pixels

500 (H) x 582 (V)

horizontal resolution

380 TV lines

The door station with a color video camera, the negotiation device and 1-gang call button is the full-functioned, finished device for vertical surface mount.

The door station of surface mount has the following features:

The door station of surface mount TX_44 is completely ready to work that provides fast installation and lack of construction garbage.

The signal transmission and the power of audio and video components are carried out on the 2-wire bus with protection of polarity reversal and short-circuit.

  • Strong basis from an aluminum profile.
  • Adjusting framework possessing the raised durability from termoplastшс with shatter-proof and UV-stable.
  • Protection of dismantle via Torx screws.
  • Thanks to simplicity of installation and control commissioning by one person is possible.
  • Loudspeaker with protection of adverse weather conditions.
  • High-quality electret microphone.
  • Function of so-called free conversation (voice duplex communication without tube application, with suppression of noise and an echo).
  • Sound signal of confirmation when pressing a call key
  • Possibility of sound volume control.
  • White LED illumination of a call key.
  • Waterproof overlay of call key from shock-resistant plastic.
  • Sheet for llabeling in the call key changes tools and removal framework.
  • Professional drawing inscriptions is carried out via the special Software for Gira firm marking.

The colour video camera has the following features:

  • Automatic switching between day/night modes: at a certain level of illumination the colour video camera switches over from a day mode (colour display) to a night mode (the black-white image) and back. During the night, it delivers extremely clear black and white images due to its high degree of light sensitivity.
  • The LEDs joining in night mode provide uniform illumination of a near zone of the review of the camera.
  • The lens of the camera can manually turn on horizontal/vertical on a corner to 20 °. Thanks to widescreen of lens very wide corner of the review in the field of an entrance door is provided.
  • Automatic compensation of a bright background.
  • Automatic balance of the white.
  • Automatic adjustment of video signal strengthening.
  • The built-in heating of a video camera joining at a certain temperature.
  • Waterproof case.
  • The plafond of the camera is made of shock-proof plastic at possible damage, for example, for the vandalism reason, it can be replaced easily.