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Universal corede dimmer with radio control 50 — 315 W / VA


Code number


0335 01

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

230 В ~, 50 Hz

Breaking capacity

power from 50 to 315 W / VA of the incandescent lamp of 230 V (ohmic loading, phase correction) high-voltage halogen lamps (ohmic loading, phase correction) electronic transformers (capacitor loading, phase correction) or wiring transformers (inductive loading, a phase cut-off) Loading of a certain type. At the mixed connection of ohmic and inductive loadings the share of the ohmic should not exceed 50% (the incandescent lamp, high-voltage lamps).

temperature range

from 0°С up to +55°С


(Length х Width х Height) 126 x 60 x 28 mm

Universal coreded dimmer with radio control allows switching on/off and regulating brightness of desktop lamps and floor lamps with light sources of any type. The corded dimmer is connected to a power bus supply of the lamp. At the first switching after installation the universal dimmer automatically defines type of the connected loading (inductive, ohmic or capacitor loading) and applies an appropriate method to adjust brightness.

It is not allowed to connect universal dimmer capacitor (for example, the electronic transformer) and inductive loading (for example, the obmotochny transformer) simultaneously. Switching on/off and brightness control functions via the corresponding radio transmitter.

  • Connection of the additional System 2000 device is possible.
  • protection of short circuit and overheat
  • necessary brightness level can be kept in remembrance devices (so-called memory function)
  • Up to 30 radio observers can be programmed.
  • At telegram reception from the radio observer, the actuation mechanism switches loading approximately for 1 minute
  • Universal corede dimmer can work with 5 light scenes. They can be called up and kept via corresponding radio transmitters (for example, the manual Comfort radio panel)
  • Automatic setup of the new channel by the ALL ON and ALL OFF functions
  • Lighting control via the presence radio sensor
  • Note: simultaneous use of the radio presence and the radio observer is not allowed.
  • When designing read the recommendations set "Technical characteristics" section.