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KNX/EIB multipurpose thermostat with the bus controler and the interface for connection of 4-keyboard touch S-Color switch


Code number


2100 40


2100 42


2100 43


2100 46


2100 47

Technical characteristics

temperature range

Length of wires on inlet/outket up to 5 meters

Wire length inlet / outlet

to 50 meters

The length of the wire to the external temperature sensor

to 50 meters

Degree of protection

IP 20

Concealed permanen regulator combines the functions of KNX bus controller, temperature controller in separate rooms with the indication given values and binary input. The separate tire controler is not required. It is possible to connect four potential-free contacts to binary entrances. The entrance 1 can be used for connection of the external sensor for taking temperature in a floor. Two entrances are possible to parameterize as exits (max. 0, 8 mА).

Function of regulator is intended for temperature regulation in the certain room. Via internal and external temperature sensor, the regulator registers actual temperature in the room and with use of an adjusted preset value of temperature transforms it to the operating size. It is possible to activate servo-drivers with constant and switching signal of regulating influence.

Via castor control it is possible to change temperature preset value. The presence button is designed for switching between comfortable and waiting modes. Actual states are shown on the constant regulator via LED. For design and device it is recommended to input ETS3.0d (or above) in operation. At connection of external entrances it is recommended to use switch box terminals.


  • 5 operating modes: comfort, expectation, night, protection of freezing/heat and regulator blocking (for example, dew-point mode)
  • Heating/cooling functions: Heating, cooling, heating and cooling, main and additional heating, main and additional cooling
  • Previously adjusted parameters of regulation for widespread heaters and coolers
  • Possibility of switching off the regulator (dew-point mode) or blocking the regulator or control ofregulator
  • Valve protection function (the valve opens every 24 hour)
  • Regulation types: The continuous PI regulation switching PI regulation (PMW) and switching 2-dot regulation (on/off)
  • Temperature registration via internal and/or external sensor (creation of average value for large rooms)
  • Inputs:
  • Arbitrary appointment to switching functions inputs, light adjustment, blinds and value sensor
  • Lock objects for blocking certain inputs
  • Possibility of a separate parametrization of reaction of each input in case of bus voltage recovery
  • Limiting the number of telegrams
  • Switching function: Existence and possibility of separate activation of two independent objects of switching for each input, possibility of independent adjustment commands when ascending and descending front (ON, OFF, SWITCHING,lack of reaction)
  • Function of light adjustment : control via one and two surfaces, possibility of time control between light adjustment and switching and step size adjustment of light, possibility of repetand sending telegrams of STOP
  • Blinds function: Possibility to set command at rising edge (without the function, UP, DOWN, SWITCHING) possibility of a parametrization the control management (STEP - MOVEMENT - STEP or MOVEMENT - STEP), possibility of time control between a short-term and long-term operating mode, possibility of time control of plates' movement
  • Sensor function value and additional device of light scape: Possibility of parametrization front (the button as closing contact, the button as disconnecting contact, the switch) and front values, possibility of value change for the value sensor in case of the button by long pressing the button, the additional device of a light scene with save function or without it
  • Function of the temperature sensor: Possibility of one channel usage as the external sensor of temperature for the thermostat


  • Independent switching of max. 2 outputs