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Electric hygrostat 230 V


Code number

Cream glossy

2265 111

White glossy

2265 112

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

230 V AC/ 50 Hz

Breaking capacity

8 (4) A (cos φ = 1)

temperature range

from 0 to +50 °C

The adjustment range

20 % to 95 %

Wiring length to load

20 % to 95 %

control accuracy

± 2%

Accuracy of relative humidity measurement

± 5 %

Degree of protection

IP 20

The hygrostat detects the humidity and temperature in the room with internal sensors. For the taken temperature the optimum level of humidity is defined. The potentiometer exposes demanded value of humidity. Depending on a ratio of demanded optimum and actual humidity the hygrostat gives operating command, for example on turning on the fan for humidity reduction.  The setpoint value is then permanently set to 60 % relative humidity, regardless of the position of the rotary knob on the front of the device.  

To prevent unrestricted operation of the connected fan(for example during storm), the Gira hygrostat changes to standby mode after 1 hour, and then the fan is switched off for 4 hours.   This operating mode is signalled with LED and can be manually influenced using the operating button.