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GIRA in Azerbaijan



Code number

REG type

1290 00

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

-12 V ~, 24 V DC, 0, 3 А

temperature range

from -5°С up to +45°С


2 screw terminals for 2-wire bus 2 screw terminals for exchange connection a/b 2 screw terminals for device a'/b' 2 screw terminals Power supply V24 programming interface


DRA device with 6 HP

The Gira DCS-TC-gateway is the door communication system which is integrated in the existing telephone system. If there is an existing TC system, communication can be directly via the a/b connection. The telephone set can be used as before according to its direct appointment. Novelty is that the entering doorbell from Gira intercom system is transferred to phone by which the visitor at the front door can be spoken to, the door can be opened by phone keyboard. In addition entering call from the door can be redirected on an answering machine or the mobile phone.

Features of DCS-TC gateways:

  • Прием входящего от двери звонка с помощью телефона.
  • Connection is directly via the exchange so that no telecommunicable system is required for existing system.
  • Possibility to a/b connection to existing telecommunicable system.
  • The transfer of the incoming call from a door on local (indoors), the landline or mobile phone.
  • The transef of the call in to 1 of 50 programmed in memery numbers.
  • Determination the type of incoming call - usual (by phone) or from door station.
  • Day/night switching mode can be activated.
  • Support interception door call at leading ohone call.
  • Setting by phone keyboard (DTMF technology) or by the software 1291 00.
  • For safety reasons it is required to enter 4-digits PIN code for change of a configuration.
  • Possibility of duration entering regulation and outcoming calls.
  • Sound call signal swithing off.
  • Possibility of several gateways working TCS-TC connected to bus door Gira system entry. At collaboration of several gateways TKS-TK each of them should be fed separately. Feed of several gateways of TCS-TC or one call transformer from one control unit isn't allowed.
  • Function performance of switching by available phone (sustained the DTMF technology) in a combination with the executive device relay 1289 00 or with the executive device relay of the hidden installation 1211 00.
  • State display via LEDs for quickly analysis, determination the presence of voltage and telephone line connection.
  • Sockets with preverse polarity protection.
  • Port programming and built-in Flash-processor for updating the version of TKS-TK gateway insertion.

DCS-TC gateways are designed for installation in distributive cases/boards. If it is impossible, it is necessary to use a standard distributive box of surface-mounted installation

Gateway may exercise power through:

  • output of 12 V of the power supply of the audion incom door 1287 00
  • the ordinary bell transformer 12 V alternative current (when using the power supply of the video intercom 1288 00)
  • additional power supply of 24 V DC 1296 00 (when using the power supply of the video intercom 1288 00)
  • In the presence of these components the gateway can be used in intercom system with 30 subscribers.