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Surface-mounted home station intercom System 55


Code number

Cream glossy

250 01

White glossy

1250 03

White matt

1250 27


1250 28


1250 26


1250 603


1250 604


1250 605

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

-26 V ± 2 V DC (voltage bus)

temperature range

from -5°С up to +50°С


2 screw plugs under the two-bus 2 screw plugs for connection of the floor button call


System 55, E22: (width х height х depth) 55 x 127 x 20 mm Gira F100: (width х height х Depth) 70 x 142 x 20 mm

The room station with the negotiation device is the full-featured, completed device for surface mount.

The room station with the negotiation device is the full-function, finished device for laid on installation.

The room station of surface mount with the intercom has the following features:

  • The room station of surface mount is completely ready to work. It provides fast mounting and lack of construction garbage.
  • A variety of design is reached with the help of integration into an adjusting framework of various series, in order to create the uniform, harmonious decision for intercom system and wiring products.
  • Installation both with an adjusting frame, and without is possible. At installation with an adjusting frame it is necessary to apply the double established frame without partition.
  • Usage: at mountng in a standard 58-mm assembly box of the hidden mounting it is necessary to use the established frame.
  • Easy installation via the removable assembly basis.
  • Easy dismantle of room station and adjusting frame while repair works are being carried out.
  • Install openings for mounting on a wall and in an assembly box of the hidden installation.
  • Transference of an audiosignal and power supply of room station is carried out on the 2-wire tire with protection of a polarity reversal and short-circuits.
  • Parallel connection to 3 room stations is possible.
  • Possibility of commissioning by one person due to simplicity of installation and control.
  • Various types of a sound signal, from door, floor and internal calls.
  • 5 various melodies for the call signal. By different keys of a call can be appointed different melodies.
  • Operating buttons with built-in LED for state indication.
  • Function of so-called free conversation (voice duplex communication without tube application with suppression of noise and echo).
  • Noise reduction function at strong background noise and in voice connection time.
  • Ringer switching off.
  • Room stations can entered into intercom system with 70 devices (for example, 1 built-in loudspeaker, 5 modules of expansion for a built-in loudspeaker, 68 room stations of surface mount with the intercom).

Operating buttons of room station of surface mount with the negotiation device carry out the following functions:

  • Switching on/off of light or realization or other functions connected with the actuator relay 1289 00.
  • Electric door lock control.
  • Choice of ringtones.
  • Ringer switching on/off.
  • Answering incoming call.
  • Conversation function activation.
  • Regulation of call signal loudness and voice during conversation.