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Home station receivers E22


Code number


281 20


1281 203

White glossy

1281 03

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

26 V ± 2 V DC (bus voltages)

temperature range

from -5°С up to +50°С

Bus terminal controller

2 screw terminals 2-wire bus 2 screw terminals for floor-call button 2 screw terminals for additional power supply 2 system bus connector strips 1 video connector strip Sockets on an insert of the receiver connection

Connectors for inserting connect the handset

1 plug-in for the tire system connection 1plug-in socket for receiver connection

Exquisite design is in unusual execution: the Gira video terminal is room station with the big colour TFT display and an intercom.

The room Standard station with a telephone tube has the following features:

  • Installation in standard 58-mm assembly boxes of the hidden mounting.
  • A variety of design is reached via integration into an adjusting framework of various series that creates the uniform, harmonious decision for intercom system and wiring products.
  • Signal transmission and power of audio and video components is carried out on the 2-wire bus with protection of a polarity reversal and short-circuit.
  • The modular structure provides simplicity of installation and addition of new components, such as: additional sections of a room stations call, colour TFT display and other.
  • Parallel connection to 3 room stations is possible.
  • Due to simplicity of installation and control there is a possibility of commissioning by one person.
  • Various types of a sound signal, from door, floor and internal calls.
  • Free conducting conversations in the house (Intercom) at existence more than 2 room stations.
  • Sound switching off.
  • Reception of an entering call by raising the tube.
  • Disconnection at returning tube into place.
  • The connecting wire of the phone is connected via sockets.
  • It is possible to organize intercom system on 30 subscribers via such room stations.

The operating touch switch of room station with a telephone tube operates performance of the following functions:

  • Switching on/off of light or realization or other functions connected with the actuator relay 1289 00.
  • Electric door lock control.
  • Regulation of call signal loudness.