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The DCS-TV gateway transfers the video image to the TV from Gira entrance door intercom system via the Scart socket or, in the presence of the additional AV modulator, through an antenna inlet.

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

via system bus

temperature range

-5°С up to +50°С


2 screw terminals for 2-wire bus 2 screw terminals for additional power supply 2 system bus connector strips 1 video connector strip 2 screw terminals for switch input SELV level only (ET terminal) 2 screw terminals switch output SELV level only Scart pin jack

The DCS-TV gateway transfers the video image to the TV from Gira entrance door intercom system via the Scart socket or, in the presence of the additional AV modulator, through an antenna inlet. Reception of an entering call, opening of a door and perform of additional functions is carried out via home station or the telephone set which is set entrance door intercom system through DCS-TV gateway. At the end of talking with the visitor, the image transferred from thedoor station camera to the TV screen disappears.

DCS-TV-gateway features:

Installation of the concealed installation in two standard 58-mm assembly boxes.

Video transmission from the Giraentrance door intercom system:

  1. FBAS signal 1Vss as a PAL signal.
  2. on the TV Scart socket.
  3. on an antenna entrance of the TV via the additional AV modulator, or
  4. for further signal processing, for instance, via HomeServer in a combination with standart video server.

  • The Scart socket for connection of the TV to TKS-TV lock. The Scart socket with which TKS-TV lock is equipped, through an exit of 12 V supports the "picture in the picture" function (if such function is available it is supported by the TV), or automatic switching on the AV canal.
  • It is used the fixed channel when giving video signal on an antenna entrance. At a door call for an image conclusion from the camera on the TV's screen it is necessary to switch over to this canal manually. For sending signal an FBAS antenna entrance it is necessary via standard modulators to transform into a signal of UHF or VHF.
  • Push-button: for manual switching on or TKS-TV lock switching off.
  • The button manipulator for parameters' control:
  • In the user menu - adjustment on time.
  • In the system menu - installation of a priority, fframe rate, load resistance, illumination, parameters of the display, language, a mode of training, return to factory settings, version viewing, control on time.
  • If the lock of TKS-TV is on and gives out a video information switching exit closed, i.e. the call key at door station was pressed. The condition of a switching exit can be controlled by KNX devices and, if necessary, be transferred to Homeserver.
  • In combination with any video server the picture can be transferred to HomeServer which broadcasts it on the personal or pocket computer. Use of HomeServer allows operating archiving of static images from the camera.
  • Entrance for compulsory switching of TKS-TV gateways without preliminary pressing call to the door station. In this mode the picture from the camera is constantly transferred to the TV screen. After 2 minutes the colour camera is automatically switched-off.
  • It is possible to operate any of the connected cameras in the presence of the 1259 00 expansion module.
  • On the TV screen dispalys a text information about which camera is currently active.

Restrictions on the use

The device is not intended for countries which do not use the PAL standart.

The device is not designed for TVs which are work exclusively on NTSC and SECAM standarts.

Attention! At connection through an antenna entrance in an apartment house when pressing a call key, the image from the camera will be displayed in all apartments' TVs.