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Electric “Easy” timer 230 V~ 0 - 1000 WT / VA


Code number


1175 42


1175 43


1175 46


1175 47

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

230 В ~, 50 Гц, 230, 50 Hz; connection of a neutral is necessary

Breaking capacity

1000Wt; incandescent lamps 1000 Wt; high-voltage halogen lamps 750VA; low-voltage halogen lamps with winding transformers at rated load not less than 85% 750 Wt; low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformers 500 VA; luminescent lamps, noncompensated 400 VA; luminescent lamps in parallel compensated 1000 VA; luminescent lamps, in schemes of pair inclusion.

temperature range

от 0°С up to +45°С


Plugs with screw clips under 1 wire with a section no more than 2,5 mm ², or 2 wires on 1,5 mm ²

  • The timer is installed in a box of concealed installation of 60 mm (the deep box is recommended). The device provides programmable switching of various lightbulbs with control according to the temporary schedule.
  • On the 2nd time of inclusion and the 2nd time of switching off for intervals during a week Mon- Fri and Sat + Sun.
  • Programmed times of switching remain for a long time.
  • At power disconnection, time remains during about 4 hours (there is no need to maintenance, without batteries).
  • Automatic transfer of summer/winter time.