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Switch with touch 3 Plus, 2-key, Esprit


Code number

Cream glossy

2042 111

White glossy

2042 112

Technical characteristics

temperature range

от -5°С up to +45°С

degree of protection



  • The graphic display with background and extensive opportunities of display, for example, temperature, time, date, emergency and information messages.
  • The multi-colour LED indicator (red, green, blue), adjusted by means of PO ETS.
  • Two LED indicators for each command key.
  • White LED indicator of an operating mode.
  • The built-in temperature generator for measuring the local air temperature.
  • Installation on the tire controler 3 or the tire controler 3 with the external generator.
  • Design and commissioning with version 3.0d PO ETS, updating A.
  • Protection of dismantle with screw fastening.
  • Transparent sheets for drawing marking are included in the package of delivery.
  • Professional marking with service Gira on creation of marking elements.

Characteristics of switch touch:

  • Possibility of function controlling of each key or control button.
  • Functions of the keyboard switch: switching on/off, regulation of brightness, control of blinds, value task (1 byte), value task (2 bytes), selecting of light scenes, control of 2 channels and manual control by the fan.
  • Functions of the push-button switch: switching on/off, regulation of brightness,control of blinds, value task (1 byte), value task (2 bytes), choice of light scenes, control of 2 channels, use as the auxiliary thermostat, select of heating time and manual control by the fan.
  • Additional thermostat or control of the thermostat: selecting of operating mode (selection of the set operating mode or selection of various operating modes used as the additional thermostat), selection of regulation mode of illumination indoors, displacement insert.
  • Locking of several buttons or keys.
  • Hazard light by blinking of all LED indicators.
  • Colour of the LED indicator (red, green, blue) is configured for all cases or for each case. It is possible to activate function of ignoring of available settings via the tire, which allows changing the colour and the displayed parameter of each LED indicator.
  • LED indicator states «ON", "OFF", "automatic shutdown" or "on/off. via objects"".
  • Communications object for dimming LED indicators of status indicators and work, as well as background of the display.

Characteristics of thermostat:

  • Mode: “comfort”, “waitimg”, “night” and “protection of freezing/overheat”. Each mode is given by a separate temperature setpoint (for heating and/or cooling).
  • Extension work in comfort mode by pressing the presence button.
  • Switching between protection modes from freezing/overheat by sensor signal of opening of window or antifreezing of the automatic device.
  • Display of information about the thermostat on the device display.
  • Selection of one or two control loops.
  • Depending on productivity step in heating or cooling mode the choice of various laws of regulation is possible there: PI-regulation (smooth or step by means of ShIM) or on-off regulation (ON/OFF).
  • Possibility of selecting of adjustable parameter for PI and on-off regulation.
  • Possibility of indoors air temperature measurement by means of one internal and no more than two external sensors of temperature (1 x object, 1 x wire).
  • the additional external wire sensor of temperature 1493 00 for example, the sensor of system of electric heating of a floor installed in a floor
  • heating time with 28 moments of switching

Functions of LCD:

  • The graphic display with switched-off LED background illumination
  • One or two display area
  • Text output in the following languages: German, English, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian and Polish. Other languages can be downloaded on the Internet