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The socket with the integrated automatic RCD with protection of children and System55 pictogram


Code number


0477 40


0477 42


0477 42


0477 46


0477 47

Technical characteristics

temperature range

from -25°С up to +40°С

reference voltage

230 V~

test current

16 А

Fault current

30 мА

Allowable Terminal wire

from 1,5 up to 2,5 мм²

Grounding contacts socket and the integrated automatic residual-current device (RCD) according to DIN VDE 0664 is designed for detection of emergency current short circuit on the earth. RCD is established in an assembly box of the hidden installation of 60 mm in depth (it is recommended to apply a deep assembly box).The stationary device of protection with independent functioning from tension.

It is possible to connect additional sockets to connecting wire with grounding contacts which become protected from emergency current.For screw fastening, without tie captures.The increased protection of touch to current carrying parts according to VDE 0620.

For safety of children and calmness of parents, Gira offers sockets "with protection of children". Protective effect is that due to the special construction achieves a high level of protection of contact with live parts. The model is made in accordance with the VDE 0620 standards.