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Radio controller


Code number

Light glass

0358 18

Chip cart

1131 00

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

230 В ~, 50/60 Hz

temperature range

from 0°С up to +40°С


5 x 1.5 V Micro LR03 (AAA) alkaline (not included in the scope of supply)

Transmission frequency

433,42 MHz


Range-approx. 100 m (free field)

The radio controler for the consignent/concealed installation, also for installation in modular functional racks.

The radio controler serves as the central control unit, which is carrying out reception and transmit of radiotelegrams.It allows operating remotely by various radio-receiving devices. Individual settings can be kept on the chip card (memory card) delivered together with the device. Various components of radio bus system can be logically united in groups of devices defined by the user, for example on their arrangement in some room. Easy commissioning due to the possibility of using the battery as the battery.

The device is installed in an assembly frames 1251 04, 1252 04, or in modular functional racks 1371 00, 1372 00, 1373 00.

  • Switch On/Off, Control of lights, and blinds
  • Time clock with DCF 77 receiver
  • Time switching and logical links
  • Imitation of owners' presence during their absence
  • ALL ON/ALL OFF commands, lights scenes and blinds control, e.g. Coming/Going can be managed
  • Thermostat function. The radio controler, receiving commands from the timer, logical schemes or in a Manual mode sets demanded temperature
  • Holiday: temperature is set on certain duration (from 1 to 31 days).
  • Frostd protection mode: temperature mode can not be changed under any circumstances (for example, in Attempt to change it via the timer)
  • Party mode: at activation the temperature is fixed for a certain time (1, 2, 3 or 4 hours).
  • Expansion of coming and going function for temperature regulation
  • Child protection with numeric code
  • " hot" keys appointed by user
  • calling up function by dialing code compliance
  • Entry of freely definable names for transmitters and receivers
  • Soft keys for menu control
  • Integrated buzzer
  • Function expansion possible through software update
  • When planning system read the recommendations set "Technical characteristics" section.