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Radio switch Mini


Code number


0413 00

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

230 В ~, 50 Hz

Breaking capacity

1000 W incandescent lamp, 1000 W high-voltage halogen lamps, 750 VA low-voltage halogen lamps with winding transformers at a rated load not less than 85%,750 W low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformers,500 VA luminescent lamps, the noncompensated 400 VA luminescent lamps in parallel compensated,1000 VA luminescent lamps, in dual switching. In of use "energy- saving lamps" it is necessary to take into consideration their big pulse current of inclusion. Check compatibility of lamps up before their installation.

temperature range

from -20°С up to +55°С


ø х Height 52 х 23 mm

degree of protection

IP 20

Transmission frequency

433,42 MHz

The radio switch Mini is mounted in an assembly box (it is recommended to apply a deep assembly box) concealed installation DIN 49073 behind an insert of the concealed installation. Up to 14 radio channels can be compared to the radio switch Mini.

Attention: when using for sockets switching on/off observe max. permissible load.

When planning system read the recommendations set "Technical characteristics" section.

The radio switch Mini serves for switching on/off electric loading command transmitted via radio.

  • At telegram reception from the radio observer, the actuation mechanism switches loading approximately for 1 minute
  • The actuation mechanism can work with 5 light scenes. They can be called up and kept via corresponding radio transmitters (for example, the manual Comfort radio panel)
  • Automatic setup of the new channel by the ALL ON and ALL OFF functions
  • Lighting control via radio presence sensor, in a 2-dot mode (loading ON or OFF)
  • Note: simultaneous use of the radio presence and the radio observer is not allowed.