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Radio presence detector


Code number


0318 02


0318 04

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

6 V, DC

temperature range

from 0°


ø х Height 103 х 43 mm

degree of protection

IP 20


4 x 1.5 V Micro LR03 (AAA) Alkaline (not included in the scope of supply)

angle of view


Transmission frequency

433,42 MHz


100 m (free field)

The radio presence sensor operates lighting depending on people presence in a controlled zone and illumination level. At detection of thermal radiation it sends the radiotelegram to a radio-controlled dimmer or the R2 version radio switchboard. The radio presence sensor is installed on a ceiling and controls the zone located under it. The presence sensor is not the motion sensor.

When movement is detected and the level of illumination does not exceed threshold level of inclusion on illumination, the presence sensor gives a signal on the radio-controlled actuation mechanism. This device changes lighting brightness depending on illumination level. When using radio switchboards only two positional regulation (ON/OFF) are possible.

Lighting remains on until movement is being registered and the current level of illumination does not exceed threshold level of inclusion on illumination. If movement is no more registered or threshold level of inclusion on illumination is exceeded, after exposed time of inclusion the radio-controlled actuation mechanism disconnects lighting. Function of brightness lighting change can be realized via radio transmitter.

To control a large area several radio presence detector can be combined (so called slave device mode. Up to 8 radios presence sensors can be establoshed in one radio zone.

Radio remote control Comfort allows activating the desired brightness setpoint value to be modified or the additional functions "Switch on for 2 hours" or "Switch off for 2 hours".

Other functions:

  • Testing mode at illumination setting.
  • Setting mode at moving object.
  • Indicator of battery charging.

When designing read the recommendations set "Technical characteristics" section.