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Radio adapter to the socket with the switchboard


Code number


0401 02


0401 10

Technical characteristics

supply voltage

230 В ~, 50/60 Hz

Breaking capacity

1000 W incandescent lamp, 1000 W high-voltage halogen lamps, 750 VA low-voltage halogen lamps with winding transformers at a rated load not less than 85%,750 W low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformers,500 VA luminescent lamps, the noncompensated 400 VA luminescent lamps in parallel compensated,1000 VA luminescent lamps, in dual switching. In of use "energy- saving lamps" it is necessary to take into consideration their big pulse current of inclusion. Check compatibility of lamps up before their installation.

temperature range

from -20°С up to +55°С


(Length х Width х Depth) 136 x 70 x 72 mm

Transmission frequency

433,42 MHz

The radio adapter to the socket serves for switching on/off of electric loading (230 V ~) on the command transferred to a radio channel. The radio adapter is equipped with protection of children (the increased touch protection to current carrying parts in accordance with VDE 0624).

Up to 30 radio observers can be programmed.

At telegram reception from the radio observer, the actuation mechanism switches loading approximately for 1 minute

The radio adapter can work with 5 light scenes. They can be called up and kept via corresponding radio transmitters (for example, the manual Comfort radio panel)

Automatic setup of the new channel by the ALL ON and ALL OFF functions

Lighting control via radio presence sensor, in a 2-dot mode (loading ON or OFF)

Note: simultaneous use of the radio presence and the radio observer is not allowed.

When designing read the recommendations set "Technical characteristics" section.