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Feature of series

The programme Edelstahl is a wide range of products made from shear steel. Just material properties determine its main features: long service due to mechanical stability and resistance to external environ.

At first sight, the design is very simple, but it is the very simplicity, which indicates a high level of skill in art.

There are two types of frames: with side facets (series 20) and smooth facet (series 21).

Varying them it is possible to create a different concept.

Design solutions can be built both as a contrast to the natural stone, wood and glass and the esemble with the details of the interior of the metal (window and door handles, stair railings, wall paneling, etc.).

Elegance and simplicity of style combined with high quality makes the program very personable and determine its primary application in areassuch as banks, offices, hotels, museums, public and administrative buildings.

Together with tis series is becoming more spreading in the residential sector.