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Features of series

This series is a structural link of System 55.

Conceptual basis of a series is usage of natural materials. Nuances of interiors with frames made from glass, tree, brass, aluminum and chromeplated steel for electroadjusting products gives special effects.

Patches of light piercing the space of halls and rooms are reflected in black glass of the frame. They give additional expressiveness to rooms' design, obscure and white glasses give a light emphasis for pastel, and perharbs for contrast background. Soft shimmering of brass "has something in common" with gloss of the polished surfaces of metal on details of furniture, lamps and other subjects.

In regards to aluminum, this material is so strongly claimed in construction that its bold step to area of design is perceived without any wonder; aluminum frames will be suitable especially for "hi tech" style rooms.

Wenge is as exotic as it is durabile ebony.The frame of electrotechnical devices with such material will give exclusivity to your interior solution. Frames from the chromeplated steel are perfectly go together with accessories in the kitchen, in a bathroom, and details of houshold appliances.